Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Convert In Need - Please Donate

Convert To Islam In Need.

This is an appeal for £320 for a convert to Islam who wants to pursue there studies of Islam. The convert is already in debt and has not got the funds to support there pursuit of knowledge. The goal is £400 we have already raised £80 so far which leaves £320 left. All we need is 32 people to donate £10 each to reach the target of £320.
This is a genuine case as the volunteers at the project have known this individual for many years.

One of the most rewarded acts is to bring someone to Islam and then continue to support them throughout their journey.

One of the Dewsbury New Muslim projects aim is to sponsor and support Converts to Islam on the path of knowledge teaching them the basics of Islam and introducing them to higher learning to be teachers & scholars.

You can donate online by PayPal at www.dewsburynewmuslims.com under the section 'Donate'.

Or pay into

Dewsbury New Muslims
Account number: 21815644
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