Thursday, 18 June 2015

Ramadan Announcement !!!
Ramadan Karim
Ramadan has been announced for Thursday 18th June 2015
Please check your local mosque timetable for the start and finish time of your fast.
Please contact us for any questions and queries regarding fasting and about the month of Ramadan in general email:
Jazar Kalar Khayr
Dewsbury New Muslims
Differences in this nation is a mercy.
Before everyone jumps ahead of themselves and are so happy that all the Muslims are fasting on Thursday because the moon wasn't sighted last night in Hijaz let's remember that most of the Muslim world will be correctly looking for the news moon tonight. Therefore, it is possible that there will be some who will be fasting from Friday onwards.
If some do that, let's not attack them as dividing the Muslims.
Remember we pray at different times and remember fasting on the same day is not a sign of unity.
The real sign of unity is respecting differences.
A blessed Ramadan to all whatever day you start fasting.

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