Friday, 17 February 2017

New Muslim Mentor course

Visit the following link to register:
— at Leeds Grand Mosque.

Leeds New Muslims present:

A One Day - New Muslim Mentoring Workshop
Sun 19 Feb | 11am - 6pm

Leeds Grand Mosque:
9 Woodsley Road, Leeds, LS6 1SN

Join us for a one day workshop with Adam Kelwick who is an experienced and renowned 'new Muslim mentor' aswell as a convert to Islam himself.

The workshop is ideal for:
- Existing new Muslim mentors,
- Anyone aspiring to work with new Muslims,
- Husband/Wife of new Muslims.

Course will cover:
- Being a Mentor,
- Convert care from the Sunnah,
- New Muslim fiqh,
- Group Scenario Workshops,
- Networking session.

Lunch will be provided. £10 Fee - Concessions available upon request.

Register here:

Further info contact:

Bilal Harrison

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